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Animation of Inlay and Onlay on a tooth to show the difference used by Tigard Dentist at Lisa Gitelson, DMD.At Lisa Gitelson, DMD, we offer some services designed to restore the function and esthetics of a damaged tooth. Apart from the traditional restorations, like dental crowns and direct fillings, we also specialize in inlays and onlays. Inlays, also known as "indirect" fillings, are only offered by a select number of dentists, even though they have many benefits.

What Is an Inlay?

An indirect filling is considered an inlay when it is bonded to the occlusal (bite) surface of the tooth but does not extend past the cusps. Rather than a traditional filling, which is shaped during the bonding process, an inlay is pre-fabricated at our dental laboratory using an impression of the tooth.

Inlays are ideal for patients with tooth damage too severe for a filling, but not enough to warrant a full dental crown. For this reason, inlays are considered a conservative alternative to dental crowns, preserving more of your natural, healthy tooth enamel.

Inlay Procedure

Dr. Lisa Gitelson will first determine if you are a suitable candidate for the inlay procedure during a consultation appointment. Your consultation will include a comprehensive visual and physical exam, as well as other diagnostic tools such as x-rays, photographs, or CBCT scans. Once we determine that an inlay be right for you, we will develop your treatment plan, and schedule your procedure.

The procedure begins with local anesthetic to numb the tooth and reduce discomfort. Next, we use a drill to eliminate the decayed or damaged tooth material. After we remove the material, we prepare the tooth with a sterile cleansing solution. Once the tooth is properly prepared, will make a mold or impression.

The impression is sent to our dental laboratory, where our technicians will use it to fabricate your inlay. Most inlays are made from porcelain, because of its unmatched esthetic value. Some inlays can also be fabricated using composite resin or gold, depending on your circumstance. This process may take several weeks to complete. You may need to receive a temporary filling in the meantime. Once your inlay is ready, we will permanently bond it to the enamel using special dental cement.

Benefits of Inlays

Inlays have some benefits over more traditional options, some of which include:
•  Esthetics. Inlays are typically made from porcelain because it mimics the appearance of natural enamel. It can also be color matched to the existing shade of your tooth.
•  Strength. Thanks to its precise fit, an inlay can strengthen a weak tooth. They are also made from strong, durable materials that often last longer than other restorations.
•  Tooth Preservation. Inlays allow us to preserve more of your healthy enamel. This can lead to better long-term oral health. The custom and precise fit of an inlay make it easier to clean than other restorations. It also makes it harder for bacteria to enter the affected area once it is in place.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to learn more about inlays, call (503) 985-8945, and schedule a consultation today!

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